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Tighten your belt, take a breath and get ready to take off! If you are looking for a new adventure, you love the wind and you want to discover wonderful views from a unique point of view, paragliding is the experience for you!

Surely, looking at them flying up so lightly, you thought at least once you would like to experience the same emotion. But you still have some doubts though, don't you? Don't worry, below you will find all the answers to your questions and you will immediately want to take off!

How does it work?
After the glider has been laid on the ground in the most suitable manner, the pilot prepares his harness and that of the passenger for a safe flight. After a brief explanation, the tour starts with a small race, to which the passenger must also contribute and you will find yourself in a moment in flight embracing the wind as if you were comfortably seated in an armchair.

Is the paraglider similar to a parachute?
This is not a dip in the air, but a real take-off that is made from a slope, of course after checking the regular opening of the wing. The paraglider is a wing made of special fabric and is in fact a half-flier, like an airplane, a glider or a hang glider. The parachute, on the other hand, is a fabric shell that once opened serves to limit the free fall downwards!

Is flying a paraglider an extreme sport?
Paragliding is not at all dangerous or extreme when approached in the right way. The flight is carried out in pairs with a two-seater paraglider, the pilot always carefully evaluates the weather conditions and is equipped with experience and equipment suitable for having fun in total safety!

Can I take videos or photos in the air?
Certainly! By tying the camera or phone so that it does not fall. All our pilots are however equipped with full HD action cameras and eventually, upon request, will deliver you the video of the entire flight on an SD card.

Can the passenger fly the tandem paraglider?
Of course, when weather conditions are suitable during the flight, the pilot will be happy to let the passenger experience the emotion of driving!

Where will the two-seater paraglider flight take place? 
The take-off will take place at Ca Del Monte in Cecima (Pavia) - beautiful hilly location of Oltrepò Pavese.

How long does a flight last?
A tandem paragliding flight can take 10 to 20 minutes. The duration depends on the location, time, season and weather conditions of the day.

Now it's up to you, launch yourself into this adventure and fly over the beautiful hills of Oltrepò Pavese.
Get ready to realize in the simplest and most exciting way the dream of flying! 

Die Optionen

  • Flight for 1 person with pilot
    80 € 90 € - 11 %
  • Flight for 1 person with pilot + HD Action Cam Video
    90 € 110 € - 18 %
  • Flight for 2 people with pilot
    150 € 180 € - 17 %
  • Flight for group of 4 people
    280 € 360 € - 22 %


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  • Where is the flight performed?
    You fly on the beautiful hills of Oltrepo Pavese: Ca Del Monte in Cecima (PV)
    To reach the take-off area follow the signs for the Astronomical Observatory of Ca del Monte.
  • At what time is the flight taken? 
    The time of experience must be agreed with the dealer at the time of booking.

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Can you suffer dizziness or nausea during flight?
Dizziness is a feeling of imbalance in the mind when we use balance, but once in flight, while comfortably seated and moving, this feeling cannot arise. In very rare cases you can suffer from nausea. For this reason, before flying we recommend not to exceed with food and especially with alcoholic beverages.

At what age can people fly?
At all ages, and given that the flight is not absolutely physically demanding, it is sufficient to be in a good state of health. Minors can also fly, but parental consent is required.

What is the recommended clothing?
No specific clothing is required, the important thing is that it is suitable for the season and the shoes are tight (trekking or sneakers). Avoid sandals. For any doubt we always recommend to ask when booking.

When can the flight not be performed?
When it rains, when there is strong wind or wind coming from directions not suitable for take-off (assessments that our pilots make by consulting specific sites the day before the flight). The final confirmation of the flight is always communicated the previous evening.

80 €
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