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Like all the best stories also the microbrewery Curtense was born from a passion, that for beer cultivated since 1998 when the first kit of home production was bought. In 2011, the dream becomes a reality and since 7 years, directly from the heart of Franciacorta, the Curtense craft brewery has been making genuine and natural beers - awarded on several occasions. 

The beers produced are all raw, therefore not pasteurized, not filtered and refermented in the bottle or in the barrel. An accurate production that starts from the choice of raw materials and that combined with the mastery of the workmanship guarantees a fresh taste and aroma. The particularity of the water of Monterotondo, moreover, has the ability to give uniqueness to the product that always ferments naturally, without the addition of additives or carbon dioxide.

Book your tour and live a guided experience in the brewery with tasting of artisan beers! You can visit the Curtense craft brewery, learn about the plant and discover the production and preparation processes up to bottling accompanied by the expert eyes of those who share with you the great passion for beer. 

The tour lasts about an hour and includes:

  • Guided tour of the brewery
  • Tasting of a selection of four artisan beers accompanied by snacks and tastings. 

Awards and recognitions of the Curtense Artisan Brewery:

The "Brixia Lager" ranked third at BEER CHALLENGE in Brussels, with more than 1100 beers from all over Europe.

The "Brixia Lager" ranked third as Beer of the Year in the Italian Lager category. 

"Brixia Nera" ranked first as Beer of the Year, in the category of dark beers, high and low fermentation, high alcohol content of Anglo-American inspiration.

The options

  • Deal for 3 persons
    30 €
  • Deal for 4 persons
    52 €
  • Deal for 6 persons
    72 €
  • Deal for 8 persons
    96 €
  • Deal for 10 persons
    120 €


Timing and details

The tour with tasting is available: 

  • Saturdays from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. (when booking exact time must be agreed)
  • Possible availability during the week to be agreed with the dealer

Experience length/duration

1 h

The dealer speaks:

Terms & Conditions

The price of the deal includes: 

  • Guided tour of the brewery
  • Tasting of a selection of four craft beers accompanied by appetizers and tastings of the area. 
  • It is advisable to agree with the dealer the time of arrival in order to live the experience of visit and tasting. 
30 €
Price for: Deal for 3 persons
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