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Franciacorta is a land full of picturesque landscapes and roads to discover, but you must know it well in order to find all its most enchanting places. Book your Vespa Primavera 125 tour with our dedicated forerunner and plunge into the colours and suggestions of the territory in which the Franciacorta wine is produced, a wine that tells the story of perfumes and traditions already excellent all over the world.

Thanks to our dedicated forerunner, you will be able to observe the Franciacorta region from a completely different point of view, driving along its streets and its most characteristic areas without running the risk of making mistakes or losing yourself. 

The tour includes, in addition to the rental of the Vespa and the presence of the forerunner, a moment of relaxation and pleasure in which we will visit a winery in Franciacorta. We will discover the secrets of the production of this wine taste it, to experience in person its inimitable value.

The options

  • Deal for 1 person with 1 Vespa
    180 € 198 € - 9 %
  • Deal for 2 people with 1 Vespa
    204 € 228 € - 11 %
  • Deal for 3 people with 2 Vespas
    328 € 377 € - 13 %
  • Deal for 4 people with 2 Vespas
    350 € 420 € - 17 %
  • Deal for 5 people with 3 Vespas
    476 € 580 € - 18 %
  • Deal for 6 people with 3 Vespas
    499 € 621 € - 20 %


Timing and details

Available times to book the tour:

  • 8.30 - 13.00
  • 14.00 - 18.30

Experience length/duration

5 h

The dealer speaks:

Terms & Conditions

The deal price includes:

  • Rental of the vehicle and guided tour in the winery with tasting.
  • Presence of n. 1 dedicated forerunner of the territory 

The tour also includes:

  • n. 1 Vespa Primavera 125 for 2 people
  • n. 2 helmets and crash helmets - n. 2 raincoat
  • n. 1 universal rainproof stand for mobile phone
  • n. 1 usb door - n. 1 padlock - unlimited km

On the day of the experience, before departure, a deposit of € 300.00 per vehicle (Vespa) by cheque, cash or credit card is required. It will then be returned at the end of the experience unless the vehicle is damaged. In order to guarantee a better service, we recommend that you request a reservation at least 2 days prior to the chosen date. Please note that bookings will be taken after checking the availability of vehicles and wine cellars. For further information regarding the booking, please contact the dealer directly.

180 €
Price for: Deal for 1 person with 1 Vespa
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