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The Parco Nazionale delle Incisioni Rupestri was established in 1955 as the first Italian archaeological park for the protection and enhancement of one of the most important rock complexes with prehistoric engravings in the Camonica Valley. Within its 143,935 square meters surface, the park collects 104 rocks, engraved with some of the most famous representations of the parietal art repertoire of the Camonica Valley - recognized in 1979 as world heritage site by UNESCO because of the importance of its contribution in understanding the prehistory of mankind.

Thanks to this guided tour, you will not only get to know the history and geography of Vallecamonica by closely observing the extraordinary rock engravings made more than 8000 years ago, but also discover the sweet side of Val Camonica and its cheese-making art. The first part of the tour will take place in Naquane - home of the UNESCO World Heritage Park of Rock Engravings at Capo di Ponte, an open-air sanctuary which is immersed in the green full of great charm and mysticism. In the second part, a tasting of local products will take place at a well-known cheese factory to discover the tastes and flavours of Val Camonica's cheese-making art: the main stars will be "Rosa Camuna"cheese, Silter DOP cheese and a third seasonal cheese served with cold cuts.

The options

  • Tour for 2 people
    120 € 140 € - 14 %
  • Tour for 3 people
    135 € 180 € - 25 %
  • Tour for 4 people
    156 € 180 € - 13 %
  • Tour for 6 people
    234 € 270 € - 13 %
  • Tour for 8 people
    312 € 360 € - 13 %


Timing and details

  • 9.00 am Meeting at the "Chiesa delle Sante" in Capo di Ponte (or other place to be agreed) and beginning of the guided tour
  • 11.15 am transfer to the Dairy
  • 11.30 am Tasting starts

Experience length/duration

4 h

The dealer speaks:

Terms & Conditions

The deal price includes:

  • Guided tour with professional tour guide 
  • Entrance to the Rock Engraving Park of Naquane 
  • Tasting at local dairy
120 €
Price for: Tour for 2 people
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