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This guided tour through land and water will allow you to get to know two of the most famous and pleasant places on Lake Iseo: the village of Iseo itself, which gave its name to the lake, and the splendid Montisola, the largest inhabited lake island in Europe.

The first part of the visit is dedicated to the history of Iseo, a delightful city in the province of Brescia, which develops on the south-eastern shore of the lake, chosen in the Middle Ages as home to the Oldofredi family, lords of the lake and part of the land of Franciacorta. The guided tour includes the historical centre, developed around the medieval village, where you can see the Oldofredi Castle on a rocky spur, the ancient parish church of Sant' Andrea, Piazza Garibaldi, the Arsenale palace and the marina.

For the second part of the guided tour we will travel on the water to reach Montisola, the green heart of Lake Iseo where it will seem as if we were going back in history: no cars on the island are allowed other than those of the parish priest, doctor and mayor. Our first destination will be the hamlet of Sensole, from where we will depart for a guided walk of about 20/30 minutes to Peschiera Maraglio, another hamlet of the island, where we will conclude the experience with a dedicated tasting moment. We will experience the local flavours with a tasting of typical products (cured meats and cheeses) before returning to the ferry and back to Iseo.

The options

  • Tour for 2 people
    130 € 150 € - 13 %
  • Tour for 3 people
    147 € 195 € - 25 %
  • Tour for 4 people
    156 € 196 € - 20 %
  • Tour for 6 people
    234 € 294 € - 20 %
  • Tour for 8 people
    312 € 392 € - 20 %


Timing and details

  • 10.00 am Iseo Tour
  • 11.25 am  ferry to Monte Isola
  • 11.45 am Arrival in Sensole and guided walk to Peschiera Maraglio
  • 12.45 pm local products tasting starts.
    You can then return autonomously by ferry from Peschiera Maraglio to Iseo.
    (possibility to agree different times)

Experience length/duration

4 h

The dealer speaks:

Terms & Conditions

The deal price includes:

  • Guided tour with professional guide
  • Ferry to Montisola
  • Tasting of typical products.
130 €
Price for: Tour for 2 people
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