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Tripideals is not a travel agency and not even a website to book a room.
Tripideals is the place where your desire to live unique experiences meets those who are able to offer them.

Tripideals is a platform for promoting tourism experiences. Whether you're a tourist or an industry professional who can offer something unforgettable, Tripideals is the right place for you. Our mission is to boost the best opportunities to enrich and illuminate every journey, in every destination.

Are you a tourist? In the world of Tripideals you are a tripper and with us you can discover, live and share authentic activities and unique experiences.
Tripideals is a source of ideas to personalize and make the travel experience even more authentic and real.

Do you want to promote something great in your destination? In the world of Tripideals you are a dealer and with our tools you can help your offer to grow within a large pool of tourist experiences and activities. With Tripideals you'll be able to promote and improve the appeal of your experience, taking advantage of a simple system that offers many advantages.

Tripideals was born in Brescia, but the spirit is to go beyond as in every great journey. Because every destination has something to offer, you just need to discover it.

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