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This guided tour will lead you to the discovery of the marvellous, but still unknown city of Brescia with its rich historical, artistic and architectural heritage. The Santa Giulia Museum, a splendid site that since 2011 is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, will crown the final part of the guided tour experience.

The day starts with a visit to the city. Throughout history, Brescia has seen the birth of different squares for each era and the city has grown around them. The Roman side of the city shows itself in all its evocative force in Piazza Foro, which houses the remains of the Capitoline temple and the Theatre. Piazza Duomo with its cathedrals (opened and visitable free of charge, except in case of special functions or events) and the Palazzo del Broletto shows us medieval Brescia. If Piazza Loggia with its imposing Palace and splendid astronomical clock is the most striking example of the Venetian period, the Risorgimento features emerge from Piazzetta Tito Speri, dedicated to the hero of the Ten Days. Piazza Vittoria, built in the thirties of the twentieth century, tells the most recent history of the city, as many of its stories have animated Corso Zanardelli - the "living room" of Brescia and main shopping street of Brescia and where the morning tour will end with a tasting.

The afternoon is entirely dedicated to the visit of the Santa Giulia Museum, about 2 hours long. The Museum has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011 and Brescia - thanks to the monastery complex of S. Salvatore - Santa Giulia and the archaeological area of the Capitolium boasts the largest extension of the Lombard sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The visit includes both the Roman and Longobard itineraries without neglecting any of the most significant and interesting finds: the statue of Victory winged, the Domus dell' Ortaglia, the Church of San Salvatore, the Choir of Nuns and the Desiderio Cross in Santa Maria in Solario. Tasting focus: Aperitif with typical products 1 glass of wine per person. Bread with salami, Cunsì alla bresciana, Formaggella di Agnosine.

The options

  • Tour for 2 people
    178 € 190 € - 6 %
  • Tour for 3 people
    195 € 267 € - 27 %
  • Tour for 4 people
    220 € 260 € - 15 %
  • Tour for 6 people
    330 € 390 € - 15 %
  • Tour for 8 people
    440 € 520 € - 15 %


Timing and details

9.30h Meeting in Brescia, Piazzale Arnaldo - exit of Parking Arnaldo (possible alternative meeting point to be agreed upon)
12.00h End of guided tour & aperitif tasting
14.00h Meeting with the Guide and visit the Museum of Santa Giulia
16.00h End of the tour
(Possibility to agree time changes if needed)

Experience length/duration

5 h

The dealer speaks:

Terms & Conditions

The price of the deal includes:

  • Guided tour with qualified tour guide
  • Aperitif with tasting of local products
  • Entrance fee to the Santa Giulia Museum (Unesco Heritage Site)
178 €
Price for: Tour for 2 people
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