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Bienno is an ancient village in the province of Brescia, framed in the middle Camonica Valley, which thanks to the beauty of its streets, its picturesque courtyards, frescoed churches and green mountains has been included in the list of "Most beautiful Borghi in Italy" (the literal translation of Borgo would be “Village”, but the term does not fully explains its meaning. A “Borgo” is a fascinating small Italian town, generally fortified and dating back to the period from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance). Thanks to this guided tour, you can stroll through its alleys immersed in an atmosphere of yesteryear.

The itinerary will lead you to the old town dominated by the towers of the noble families. You will visit the splendid church of Santa Maria Annunciata, which boasts inside frescoes by Giovan Pietro da Cemmo, Romanino and the Altarpiece of the Flemish. Walking along the Vaso Re canal you will discover the ancient arts of grinding, thanks to the Mill that is still functioning and of the "ferrarezza" (ironwork) - enclosed in the expert hands of the forgers who create masterpieces. Bienno is not only the village where everything seems to have stopped, but it is also a place where past and present are embraced and where the strong traces of historical and artistic tradition are intertwined with new forms of art.

The experience of the visit will be completed by meeting the art of Maria Luisa Gandini who for years has been creating works inspired by rock engravings with precious stones, such as lapis, sodalite and simple pebble. You will have the chance tp create an engraved object yourself, following the artist's instructions in a real artistic workshop inspired by the historical-artistic heritage of Bienno and the Camonica Valley.

A journey through art over thousands of years awaits you!  




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Czas i szczegóły

  • Meeting time: 9.30 a.m.
  • Appointment at the Esine exit of the highway to Tonale pass (participants will have to move by their own vehicles).


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